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About Weston Animal Hospital

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We at Weston Animal Hospital have a caring and dedicated group of special people. We treat each pet like our very own, and our love of animals shows in the attention we give to each and every pet that comes through our doors.

Dr. Deane, DVM

dr deane

Dr. Deane is married to Majella, and they have three children: Armani, Toni and Alexi. They have four dogs. Buddy is an aged Pit bull, now 12 years old; Too-Low is a 10-year-old miniature Dashund with the attitude of a Rottweiler, and Bones is a five-year-old Cavalier King Charles. Bones is the lover of the family, although not too bright. The latest is a rambunctious Ridgeback named VuvuZela!

Dr. Deane is originally from the South Caribbean. He grew up in St. Vincent, Grenada, Jamaica, Antigua, and the Bahamas. He Graduated from TUSVM in Alabama in 1986. His first job was with the Bahamas Government, but he did not enjoy the “pencil pushing” part of civil service. Doctor Deane entered private practice in 1990.

Dr. Deane has owned Weston Animal Hospital since 1999. His hobbies are many, with no time to enjoy any of them properly! He dabbles in Orchids, likes fishing, golf, and playing soccer.


Dr. Weekes, DVM


Dr. Weekes has been a bit of a globe trotter, and he lived and practiced in quite a few countries before winding up in sunny Florida. He freelances at Weston Animal Hospital. He has worked with small and large animals and enjoys the outdoor life of veterinary practice.

A 1992 graduate of TUSVM in Alabama, Dr. Weekes returned to the volcanic Caribbean island of Montserrat, where eruptions in 1995 evicted him and sent him on a world tour, which included the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and London, England, where he lived for 8 years!

Dr. Weekes is an avid animal lover and considers every pet his own, and their owners as friends. Dr. Weekes is married to Marva. He likes breeding Siamese fighting fish. He has recently started in-line skating to keep in shape. Dr. Weekes joined Weston Animal Hospital in August 2009.

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