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Dog Dental Care

Dental care for dogs and cats is given more emphasis now, because of the fact, that dental diseases are emerging in dogs and cats to a greater extent. If you notice a particular odor coming from your dog’s mouth, please call and schedule an appointment with us today.

Dogs love to chew from the time they are puppies to adults. This is good in that it helps them develop strong tooth structure in an natural manner.

Breeds of dogs like Shih-Tzu’s and Pekingese, etc., are more prone to the development of oral diseases, because the teeth are crowded into a small oral cavity. Therefore oral check-ups in these breeds are mandatory every 6 months.

Dental care for dogs first starts with oral examinations and teeth cleanings. Look for any cavities…gum redness…swelling & foul odors. These can be signs of serious oral diseases which can lead to heart, lung and kidney diseases.

Recreational raw beef bones are wonderful materials to keep the teeth structures of your dog clean and free from the formation of plaque buildup & bacterial organisms. Pet tooth brushes are available here at WAH along with special kinds of toothpastes which are formulated with plaque fighting emzymes. It’s probably best to start with your finger invading the pet’s oral space and getting him use to the taste. Your dogs teeth should be checked and brushed at least weekly, preferably more often. Dental hygiene is another bit of preventive medicine that can be easily accomplished while your dog is young. Your investment in a canine toothbrush and toothpaste will pay for itself many times over. A week after dental procedures are done, our technicians teach you proper tooth brushing techniques to help prevent future dentals if possible.

Hills T/D (Teeth Diet) is available here at the hospital. It helps to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth structures. Rubber toys smeared with toothpaste will also act as a tooth brush when they chew on it.

Plaque buildup should be removed periodically to avoid the onset of periodontal diseases, which are common among dogs. Dental wipes also help to remove more plaque and tartar like materials that are loosely attached to the dogs teeth.

Like with humans, dogs need proper dental care. Dental care for dogs should be as important as taking care of our own teeth. Here at Weston Animal Hospital we have a wide assortment of dental products to help you prevent dental diseases with your pet.

cat brushing teethCat Dental Care

One of the difficulties that cats experience with their teeth is plaque. This is due to the many types of food that cats eat. If the accumulation of plaque continues, it may lead to gum disease and eventually the loss of your cat’s teeth. Some breeds like persians and himalayans are more prone to gum diseases because of their small oral cavities.

Some cats may need regular teeth cleaning to remove the plaque build up from their teeth. Plaque is a whitish, yellow deposit that gradually develops on teeth. In cats, the plaque customarily develops on the exterior of the upper teeth. If left to accumulate, plaque will cause gum disease in cats.

In order to avoid the building up of plaque on your cat’s teeth, annual dental cleaning is advised. Vets customarily put cats under general anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned. The next-best thing is to clean your cat’s teeth at home. It may take a little effort when attempting to clean their teeth. We will be happy to demonstrate a safe & easy way to brush your cats teeth.

The same dental products used for dogs are also available for cats (i.e., dental chews, wipes and food products). Cats can get used to tooth brushing if done once-per-week. About six months of age, cats begin to lose their baby teeth with the permanent ones replacing them. The odor on the cat’s breath might be due to them changing their teeth.

The odor on your cat’s breath will ultimately change once the new teeth come in.

Most cats can have dental conditions as they age. That’s why it is the responsibility of the animal owner to make sure that his or her cat receives a program of good dental hygiene.

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